Demographics are used in comprehensive planning to better understand the individuals and the groups of people who live in the city. 



The population of Council Grove has been steadily decreasing for years while the population of Kansas has been increasing. This could pose a threat to Council Grove's economic stability and community development in the future. 


Age Distribution


Identifying the age cohorts can give a more detailed picture of the population and what services they need currently and will need in the future. 



Council Grove's population is primarily white with several other races represented. 



Educational Attainment


The level of educational attainment can tell a lot about the educational opportunities within the area and the local employment opportunities. About one third of the population (25 years of age or older) are a high school graduate, which is comparable to the percent of Kansas residents who have the same education level. For bachelor's degrees and graduate/professional degrees, Kansas has a higher rate than Council Grove.

Income Distribution


A majority of the residents receive an income ranging from less than $15,000 to $74,999. The average household income in 2014 was $54,100. 

Population by Sex


The distribution of sexes within the population is about equal, with a slightly larger number of females.